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City Walking Tour šŸš¶

This will be a great chance to learn about the historical value of each place as you observe the different churches, convents and shrines around. In addition, you will take in the different styles of the residential homes surrounded by the magical feeling of a time travel to the past.Ā 

Having a walking tour is very funĀ and we will discussĀ about pirates, ghost, slavery, inquisition and architecture. We willĀ understand the way people used to identify themselves in order to be classified on the socialĀ status, You Ā see part of the military architecture of Cartagena with its vaults and walls.

The tour includes walk-ins to some sections of the walls. We will end our tour at the charming streets and squares of GetsemanĆ­, the most traditional neighborhood in the city.

Through the old town, you can feel the story of what the Spanish used to call THE KEY OF LAS INDIAS, a hidden treasure sheltered on the colonial streets and squares. With this walking tour, you will get a great overview of Cartagena, its colorfulĀ houses, Ā and that great sensationĀ of living the history in every step you take.


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