8 Best Restaurants In Cartagena - Colombia! - Guide

Your Palate may thank you: 8 Best restaurants in Cartagena you may not have heard before.


One of the most rewarding experiences you can have in your life is heading to Colombia, the Caribbean. Yeah, I'm not lying. Enjoy local drinks and dishes. Try new exotic spices. Taste vibrant tropical fruits and herbs - yes, we know you're looking for them.

Colombia, known for its diverse population, Cartagena is not any exception to that. Thus, the rich history this city has, gives it a diverse food scene. Indeed, almost any Colombian cuisine offered by Cartagena restaurants.


Cartagena is definitely a great place to take your trips outside from home. Yet, don't forget to eat a hearty lunch, because It's the food city of Colombia. Hundreds of restaurants and great dining in its most popular ones are waiting for you.

More than 60 traditional local dishes.

A thousand of unique flavors and styles available to anyone who visits the town.

Tip: Dear foodie, forget to wear your cold country tailored hoodie.

You'll start to sweat and burn your neck. Don't walk across the hot streets in an oversized sweatshirt. Stay cool before try a delicious local dish.

Are there cheap restaurants in Cartagena?

Yes, It does. Dishes here are always served with a good view. Yet, you still have chance to try some of less known exotic restaurants available out there. There are often better prices for a plate of chicken at the less popular restaurants in Cartagena. Lesser known options still preserve the local gastronomic essence of Cartagena. Comfortable prices for every budget range.

Which restaurants do you suggest?

Blue Apple Beach House

Local cuisine

La Mulata

Local Cuisine

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