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Gabriel García Márquez Tour ✒️

Visiting the imaginary places invented by Gabriel García Márquez, as well as the real scenarios of novels like 'Love in the times of cholera', it will be possible to see now thanks to this tour, Let's know Cartagena through the life and work of the most important writer born in Colombia, the Magical Realism  of the Nobel-Prize.

This tour is specially designed for lovers of reading & Especially for those who enjoy the beautiful romance literature.

This Tour includes:

  • 3 hours and a half with a break of 15 minutes to drink juice or water, or a break of 40 minutes for lunch in the Cartagena style.

The tour is fully enjoyed if you have known two of his books or at least one of these "Of love and other demons" and / or "Love in the times of cholera",  you will see the ancient city with its different types of architecture,  the colors and hapiness in it's people, local tales, many of the streets, squares, and parks who inspired the magical realism that differenced García Márquez books, novels and writings.


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