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Palenque Tour ­čî┤­čąü

The Palenque Tour takes more less 5 hours round trip, includes:

  • Transportation
  • A palenquero traditional guide.
  • Typical candies from the area.
  • Walking tour in the village.
  • Water bottles and lunch.
  • Translator tour guide: bant├║ - english

The palenque Cartagena tour is one of our favorites, people who like humanities enjoy this tour as crazy!. The adventure begins with a travel to the palenque's village, a corner of africa in Colombia. In this place you will meet with an untouched african heritage from Colonial slavery times, heritage like: Bantú language, the ritual dances, a social organization where the woman is the base of society, african candies and food, you will learn a new the cosmovisión of the universe and hospitality from real descendents of old african blood lines, this people are really proud of embracing their cultural roots.

San Basilio of Palenque is the first independent town of America, this occured in 1713 when its people declared their absolut independece. The slaves that scaped would head to San Basilio of Palenque, knowing there was their chance for freedom. This is a really isolated place about 30 miles outside Cartagena surrounded by hills, a thick forest, and lagoons...even today is not easy to get there. That's why  spaniards could never to re-conquer this town.

Nowadays, colorful dressed Palenquera women go to Cartagena and sale┬ácandy and fruit on the squares and streets, while men work on fishing, carpentry, comerce, music, translation, boxing(They have a couple of WBA champions) etc., when Palenqueros first arrived to Cartagena they found racism and were fooled for their weird language. Out of embarrassment, many refrained from observing their traditional customs, to the point that the main athlete in history of Colombia belongs to this tiny small town, his name is Kid Pambel├ę and his statue is present at the hall of fame of boxing in New York.

There are great heroes who embraced their roots in Palenque: Benkos Biohó The African King who was slaved and brought to America; The Multiple World Champion of WBA "Kid Pambele", Evaristo Márquez the main antagonist of "la quemada" , a movie filmed with Marlon Brando; and finally the Palenqueras, popular Women who are the symbol of freedom at Palenque.

Finally get to know the African antique language and traditions, Music, Dances.


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