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Rosario Islands Tour 🏝️


A paradise called Rosario Islands with beautiful crystal clear sea, white sand, tropical landscapes, and coral formations that is considered a marvel of nature. This paradise is also a research center that studies coral reefs and host a great variety of sea fauna and flora, with abundance of colorful fish, corals and plants. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are ideal activities in the Islands.

There are 27 different island compossing the Rosario Islands archipelago, that’s why you need somebody to help you to choose the one that fulfill your expectations; Snorkeling and dive, resting, relaxing, swimming, taking a nap, having something cool to drink and eating good sea food.

While in Rosario Island you can visit "El Oceanario" to behold the beauty of sharks, dolphins, giant turtles, groupers. Pirates, legends, and submerged treasures maybe found all over the place. Actually,  Rosario Islands used to a base for Cartagena’s enemies during the colonial time, a galleon name San Jose is sunken waiting for you, you might find part of its treasure while diving, if you are really lucky even by snorkeling.

Rosario Islands are synonymous of adventure, romance, treasure, dreams, peace, tranquility, rest, real Histories and deserve holidays.

Drake, Vernon, Laurence Washington, Jean Bernard dejeans, Jack Sparrow, Elisabeth Swann, David Jones, Hector Barbossa, Will Turner, Tia   Dalma, Lord Cutler Beckett, James Norrington, Bill Turner, Sao Feng, Teague Sparrow, Gobernador Weatherby Swann, Joseph  Mercer,  and Capitan Salazar had been in ROSARIO ISLANDS?

Come and find out!

This tour includes: 

  • Pick up at your hotel if located in downtown
  • The seven colors sea
  • Coral area for snorkeling
  • Lunch included
  • The beautiful Isla del Encanto (Charming Island)
  • El Oceanario (Oceanarium)


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