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Totumo's Mud Volcano ⛰️


Not far away from Cartagena, there is a medical mud volcano named “totumo”, this is a great experience something totally different for having fun and great photos you will talk about all your trip back in this place you can  “swim in a volcano” have a mud massage and become younger. This is a four hours tour with something to drink and eat.

About a hour drive from Cartagena, you will pass by local villages before arriving at the mud volcano called "Totumo". 

The mud has a high mineral content and medicinal properties.  We will tour you around the volcano. 

You will change into your bathing suit, climb up stairs to the crater of the volcano.  Then you climb down into the volcano and go into the mud.  You will have your photo taken (extra charge for photos), get a massage and then you'll be rinsed off in the river where you can swim in the Totumo's lagoon. Your skin will feel soft and smooth!  We will then enjoy a fresh fish lunch with local drinks and return to Cartagena.  This adventure last more or less 4 hours.

Totumo Mud Volcano includes: 

  • Bath into the mud vulcano
  • Swim on the refreshing water of the lagoon.
  • Round trip transportation
  • Fried fish for lunch
  • Behold a marvelous sight of Totumo's lagoon.
  • Water bottles


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