Gabriel García Márquez Literary Tour✍🏻


Magic Realism.

There are many ways of traveling and having new experiences. We can not only travel in the present, but also to the future and to the past-time.

To have a journey with James Joyce and his friend Ulysses will allow you to find out why his way of writing is one of the key works of Modernist literature.


To deal with Ernest Hemingway and Virginia Woolf help to understand how an old man and the sea share their friendship and how a lady from high society in England lives her days.

To have fun with our award literature Nobel Price winner Gabo will lead us to a magic realism experience Reading one thousand nights and one night surrounded by millions of people but feeling one hundred years of solitude.


Writer AlejoCarpentier and Alexandre Pétion.

"Haiti,and the debt that the free world owes to its people."

The events of The Kingdom of This World take place on Hispanola in the Caribbean, an island which is split into two separate countries – Haiti and San Domingo. The political history of the region is quite complex.

*English spoken professional tour guide

*Air conditioning van

*The city tour last 4 hours

*Bottles of water

*Visit to the vaults

*Entry to walled old city 

*Visit to Saint Felipe's fort tunnels

*Saint Pedro Claver's house

*Walking on the main squares and streets

*The Popa Hill


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