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He is a Professional tour guide very friendly, with a wide knowledge on culture and history, with twelve years of experience in Cartagena and the Colombian Caribbean coast, dominant of the English, French, Italian and Spanish, with recognition as the best Caribbean Guide by the Princess Line in the attention to Cruise Tourists.

Duran Duran is funny, engaging, and really knows his information. He also has a very inspiring personal story. Interested in ensuring you'll be having a good time while hitting all the stops. While there is a lot of information, it is relevant info delivered with genuine personal interest and not like a history lesson. You will learn a lot in a fun entertaining way! He has a lot of knowledge about Cartagena, the history of the country and current events.

You'll be entertained the entire time and catered with everything you need. He adds a personal flair to the tour and is attentive to his clients. You'll have an amazing day in this beautiful city!

Some advices from your tourist guide Duran Duran: You should venture to a regular neighborhood like Getsemani, to wander the streets and eat the traditional food of Cartagena. Also you have to join in and dance lesson of cumbia and salsa.

When Duran Duran, leads the way, curious travelers learn more about the story of Cartagena than they might discover on their own. Don't miss it! Contact him now!

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